Our Club Competitions offer no monetary prizes, ribbons or awards. We find there is more value in the feedback we receive from our colleagues & outside critics. Regardless of our personal photography experience, competitions bring us together to challenge our technique, encourage a different perspective and take-in some extraordinary images.

This is our 2nd Digital Intra-Club Competition for the year. Members were allowed to enter no more than 3 prints per category. The photographer remained anonymous as images were projected on a screen for judges and attendees to view. Judges often shared their reasons on why they scored certain images as they did.  

All images were judged on a 5-4-3-2-1 scale with “5” being the highest score and “1” being the lowest score. With a total of three judges, the highest score for a print could be 15. The assignment of scores, competition rules and further information pertaining to Club Competitions can be found in the Competition Guidelines.

Click the category image to see the winning images!


THANK YOU judges for giving your time and sharing your expertise! 

Della Perrone  is an event and sports photographer for the News-Gazette and, at the time of this competition, is displaying her work at International Galleries. She is a member of the Allerton Park Photography Group. Della was a judge for our Best in Show Competition in 2017 and has judged for the club previously.

Karen Deering is a founding member of the Allerton Park Photography Group. She has been a participant in the Boneyard Arts Festival and will be displaying her work at Quality this spring (2018). This was Karen's first time judging for us. 

Jean Paley is a familiar face to most of us. She is a long time member of the Club and has traveled the world camera in-hand. She has judged for the Club on numerous occasions.


Winning Images scored

 from 10 to 13 points


Creative Contemporay

winning images scored

from 10 to 13 points

Social Interaction

winning images scored

from 10 to 14 points